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It was good, better than I thought it was going to be, I mean people in the group were cool, plus Renata was wicked, made you feel at home.
John B - England
Thanks for an awesome trip and experience. I will definately be back to enjoy more of Brazil.
Alison J - New Zealand
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LUSH Pathways is an inbound adventure tour operator specializing in Brazil. The company was founded by Renata Jiamelaro, a Brazilian with vast experience in the travel and tourism industry. Renata loves her country and proudly wants to share the beauties and the authenticity of Brazil with you.

We run a variety of tours for independent travellers (FIT's) and we have scheduled departures for small groups (up to 10/12 people). We also tailor make trips for individuals, family groups, schools, organizations and companies - you let us know what you would like to do and we can give you ideas and redesign our base tours according to your desires!

Our main products are our Independent Trips. These trips allow for the independence and freedom of solo travelling with a high level of interaction with the culture, without the stress of worrying about a good place to sleep or how to get to from one place to the other. Group of people in Salvador wearing the 'abada' and having fun during CarnivalEverything is pre-organized by us and you have the bonus of having the best tips for every location.

Our tours are designed to attract people whom share an adventurous spirit and a desire to get close to the Brazilian culture. Our tours run in English and Spanish and suit people of all nationalities. They are ideal for friends, couples, honeymooners or for those of you who are travelling alone. The mixture of nationalities in our Group and Special Departures is an enjoyable part of the experience which allows for great interaction within the members of the trip. Our travellers are generally aged between 20 to 60 years old, although our tours can be made up of people of all ages.

Our tours allow you to experience the natural beauty of Brazil as well as being fully exposed to our fun-loving culture. Come to Brazil and feels its passion! Make your journey a life experience!

Our values
Our aim is to make you live your trip, exposing you to day-to-day situations of the places that we visit. Being travellers ourselves, we understand that travel can be a life-changing experience. As well as a vacation, travel can be something that leads to a greater understanding of the differences between cultures. Man building a basket with local resources of the Amazon is one of the things you can see in a trip to BrazilWe believe that it is a unique way for people to learn from each other, visitor and local alike. The ability to understand other cultures and develop an understanding that our way is not the only way is priceless.

Brazil is a country of contrasts and we don’t want to hide this from you. Travelling with us will allow you to see the good and the bad parts, the authentic Brazil, and we would not do it in another way. It is the only way for you to have a true reflection of our incredibly diverse country. We see ourselves as facilitators in allowing you to experience the richness that Brazil has to offer!

Telephone: +55 11 965 180 595      Skype: lushpathways     São Paulo – Brasil

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Come travel with us!
- A Brazilian operator - we want to share the beauty and the authenticity of Brazil with you
- Responsible tourism - respecting and having a positive impact on the local people
- Direct help to the economy of the places we go to
- Suitable for all types - from the single traveller to a group of people
- Variety of tours - Group to Tailor Made Tours and everything in between
- Personalized tours for independent travellers and small groups
- Group Tours with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people - great interaction within the members of the group; Tour Leader is able to deliver a tour with quality and attention
- Guaranteed Departure* for the majority of our Tours
- Qualified Tour Leader
- Professional and quality service
- Good value for money

“Force Majeure” applies, as explained in our Booking Conditions.

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