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The trip was amazing and covered so many different types of cultures and landscapes that it felt like we had travelled farther than we actually did. I would recommend LUSH Pathways to anyone.
Robert H - England
Absolutely fantastic trip through Brazil with an awesome tour leader and a great group.
Mark M - Canada
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I am back home and wanted to thank you for all your amazing help. I think you are wonderful! I had the best time in Brazil and my portuguese has improved by about 40% which I am so excited about. I met so many wonderful people and really wish I can return to Brazil at least once a year each and every single year of my life. I love the Brazilian culture and I feel so connected to it as a Latin female. I hope we can see each other in the near future. With much appreciation,
Lida R - United States

Performing at the Carnival Parade was a totally unique and very exciting experience. The energy flowing from inside and those around us was an experience that I have not felt on any other trip. Dancing at the Carnival Parade was my best experience while travelling.
Nanko D - Canada

LUSH Pathways did a great job in organizing my trip! It fulfilled my expectations. The program was great, and we could choose alot for ourselves. We got to know the different things we could do at the different places, and then just picked ourselves! I liked that.
Isak G - Norway

Being part of Carnival in Rio was an exceptional experience! Having the opportunity to dance in the parade and wear the elaborate costumes gives you an experience like no other- I would certainly recommend it and its much more fun than just watching Carnival cause your actually in it!
Danica J - Australia

Renata was great - very knowledged and offered great tips on traveling to each destination. She was very well organized and very experienced. I would HIGHLY recommend LUSH Pathways to others travelling to Brazil. The tour was well organized, with a fantastic tour leader who offered knowledge, advice, and facilitated a wonderful group environment. The balance between cities and time spent in natural settings was perfect.
Grant M - Canada

Absolutely fantastic trip through Brazil with an awesome tour leader and a great group.
Mark M - Canada

My most vivid memory of Salvador was the night before the arranged carnival events. As the sun was going down, we could hear from our lovely pousada the drums in the distance. A group of us headed towards the old town to look for the Olodum drummers leading rows of dancers through the cobbled streets. Some seemed to know what there were doing, others not. So, we tagged along at the back, not worrying about the steps, just moving with the music. Everyone there was enjoying the moment. The atmosphere was magic, pure magic!
Marian B - United kingdon

The trip was amazing and covered so many different types of cultures and landscapes that it felt like we had travelled farther than we actually did. I would recommend LUSH Pathways to anyone.
Robert H - England

Thanks for an awesome trip and experience. I will definately be back to enjoy more of Brazil.
Alison J - New Zealand

The carnival experience was one of the biggest highlights of my trip to South America. To become part of the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival is something youll remember for the rest of your life! A special thanks to Renata who organized it all with a big enthusiasm.
Rob N - Sweden

It was good, better than I thought it was going to be, I mean people in the group were cool, plus Renata was wicked, made you feel at home.
John B - England

Being at Carnival in Rio, was by a mile, the best travel experience Ive ever had. Being able to dance in the sambadrome, in full costume, was the most incredible experience. Ill forever remember the feeling of having thousands of people singing and cheering as I danced my way through the parade. Renata was amazing in organising everything for us, and Im so grateful to her for making my trip an unforgettable holiday.
Narelle V - England

Renata is extremely organised and there were never any problems with transport and accomodation. She was a lot of fun to hang out with and always provided us with great tips as to dining places and activities.
Lisa T - Australia

Wandering the cobblestone streets of the Pelourinho, dancing the night away in the Pre-Carnaval parades and enjoying all of the incredible food, art, and music on offer in Salvador during my tour in Brazil are memories that I will always cherish... My guide was excellent! She was extremely knowledgeable, well organized, and always cheerful. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!
Paul M - Canada

Our tour leader was outstanding and the places we visiting blew my mind. The tour leader went above and beyond, every day of the trip, to make sure we were all having a blast.
Melissa T - United States

After an incredible journey through Brazil with Renata, our group had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of dancing the samba as members of one of Rio's great samba schools in one of the world's great spectacles, the Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome. At 3 a.m., dressed in blue and white ostrich feathers and in front of an audience of 70,000 cheering fans, we danced and sang for an hour. It was a wild sensory overload and remains the highlight of my world travel experiences.
Jon T - United States

I have done alot of tours in different countries and this was one of the best.
Steve J - Ireland

I really enjoyed the tour and I will recomend it also to friends. Renata was a very caring and compassionate tourleader. She sorted everything out efficiently. It was a pleasure to travel with LUSH Pathways.
Sarah C - South Africa

Hola Renata... I just wanted to thank you for all of your attention during my trip. Without your help it would had been a very complicated experience. It shows that you have a big knowledge on this side of the continent, and that you have the know-how to make things work and make it interesting for the travelers. The schedule, visiting places, night stops, and the whole organization during the pre-carnaval at Salvador de Bahia was done beautifully. I hope one day, you come by this part of the world so I may have a chance to repay so much kindess dedicated to us.
Richard G - Venezuela

I've been all over the world with all sorts of tour guides, and I can honestly say that Renata and LUSH Pathways was the best experience I've ever had while traveling. Her attention to details, knowledge, and laid back and personable style was a perfect combination for a tour leader. By the end of the trip I didn't consider her my tour leader, but one of my friends. If you are considering a trip to Brazil, PLEASE use Renata and LUSH won't be disappointed!
Heath C - United States

Now that were back home and normality has returned, I wanted to write a note to express our thanks for an incredible journey and thank you for the effort you put into making it so special. One word describes the organisation of our trip. Flawless. The hotels used by LUSH were each beautiful in their own way and staffed by the most amazingly helpful people, our local guides and the transport from place to place was always there. As easy and wonderful as it was for myself and Jeremy, Im sure that the work and effort you put in behind the scenes to organise everything required enormous amounts of energy. Many other tours I have done in the past have not run as smoothly as this tour. LUSH Pathways is to be congratulated on a tour organised with such precision! Besides your knowledge of tourism in Brazil, it is clear that your relationships with all the people you use in that area, ranging from people in the hotels to the guides and transport people, are relationships in which these people know the company well and have a lot of respect for you. I know how hard it is and how long it takes to cultivate solid relationships. To top it off, the location! Your pictures and descriptions do not do the Northeast of Brazil justice..but then again, I dont think that would be possible. Each place we went to was phenomenal. Sao Luis was special because it was the first stop on our tour what a beautiful, simple, relaxed little city. Our favourite stop was Jericoacoara we wished we could have spent more time there but have plans to return. We have both been converted to LUSH Pathwayism and we shall be spreading the gospel. Thank you so much once again, we shall be telling anyone who cares to listen that they must visit Brazil and that they must use you.
Jen C - United States

Many thanks for everything! The trip was more than spetacular! We have had an awesome time, and everything has been very well arranged by LUSH Pathways, down to the fine details! You really are far too good! Thanks again and we will come back!
Muriel L - China

I have been home for 3 days now!!! I love all the travel experience that I have from South America, especially from Brazil!!!! I just want to say thank you for all the help and support that you gave me! Very nice to meet you!! Whenever you come to Canada, please let me know! I have feeling that we will meet again! ;) All the best,
Joyei Z - Canada


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